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[ AUDIO ] The proof is in the pudding, they say, so here it is: The following selection of mp3 files showcase a wide array of Apple II music; everything from incidental video game sounds to fully realised songs.

Sambaman (Bank Street Music Writer demo by Glan Clancy)
This is a direct recording from an AE Phasor card plugged into an Apple IIe, working as a Mockingboard compatible. It's a very catchy and harmonic tune, kind of funky in it's squarewave tonal quality...(recording courtesy of Mitchell Spector)
Sambaman.mp3 3 MB

I recently received an email from Glen Clancy who not only composed Sambaman, but also wrote the Bank Street Music Writer, he had this to say about the song:

"Sambaman was actually written as a full-blown test of the editor functions in BSMW. If you listen closely or watch the notes as they play in the product, you will see nested repeats, musical phrases that appear in different voices at different times, transpositions of musical phrases, repetition, etc. The idea was to enter as few notes as possible, and with the editor functions, such as copy, transpose, and paste, create a complex and sophisticated piece of music. The song stands as a testament to the fact that all the editor functions in the program work."

Geometry For Lovers (J.Warden / S.Williams)
A full-length CD of Apple II music; Mathematically oriented compositions by J.Warden, interpreted by yours truly and the magic of TimeLord. The music itself is a curious hybrid of lo-fi industrial and jazz/fusion, and has been described by several listeners as "interesting"... all 20 tracks are freely available in a variety of audio formats from our friends at archive.org.
Geometry For Lovers (courtesy of the Internet Archive)

Punk Rock (The First Punic War)
From the Unicorn EP, this short bit of violent jazz marks the first instance of TimeLord being used by a "real" musician. The 7" vinyl record is available from The First Punic War's web site.
PunkRock.mp3 1.6 MB

Telnet Heart (Nova Styrene)
Winner (by default) of the 2005 Retrochallenge Music Award. Music by TimeLord, Vocals by S.A.M.
TelnetHeart.mp3 2.2 MB

Night Driver (Nova Styrene)
This track relies heavily on TIMELORD for percussion and bass tracks with a smattering of alphaSyntauri in the chorus. Vocals are performed by S.A.M. (software version)
NightDriver.mp3 2.4 MB

In My Life
The first multi-voice test-piece to be performed by Michael Mahon's Crate Synth from a converted MIDI file.
InMyLife.mp3 1.5 MB

Speedway Classic Theme
From the game of the same name... simple, yet effective.
SpeedwayClassicTheme.mp3 0.5 MB

Robot Revolution (Nova Styrene feat. Astrid Magdalena)
TIMELORD and S.A.M. again, this time with the Decillionix DX-1 providing dirty guitar samples and a screaming 5-year-old in the background.
RobotRevolution.mp3 1.2 MB

As performed by Crate Synth, this piece shows the surprising degree of subtlety that 5-bit sound can convey.
Gymnopedie.mp3 1.6 MB
Binary Star (Nova Styrene)
An early prototype of TIMELORD provides the beat. Speech synthesis is by Echo II, "instrumentation" is a D.I.Y. hack found on CSA2.
BinaryStar.mp3 2.4 MB

Mockingboard Examples
Taken from the popular Ultima game series, courtesy of Kevin Greene. More Ultima music (and other interesting Apple II stuff) can be found on his AppleVault web site.
UltimaTheme.mp3 2.3 MB
BritannicLands.mp3 1.4 MB

LordBlackthorn.mp3 1.9 MB