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[ LINKS ] Since this site is entirely focused on music and audio, there are obviously a lot of Apple II information not covered here.
I won't try to make this page an exhaustive list of every conceivable Apple II resource; instead I'll just list my personal "favourites"

Sound & Music

Apple II Adventures
JJ Sonick's blog about "exploring games, music and programming on the 8-bit Apple II computers".[TOP]

proximaSyntauri: Information and support for the alphaSyntauri synthesizer
Although this site hasn't been updated in some time, it's still worth a look. [TOP]

Michael J Mahon's Home Page
Author of Sound Editor and Crate Synth inventor, Michael Mahon is one of the few people still making significant innovations on the Apple II platform. [TOP]

TimeLord: Apple II Drum and Bass Sequencer
Information downloads and support. [TOP]


Free Software for the Apple II
A good collection of essential Apple II software with helpful commentary and tutorials. A good place to start for the new Apple II user. [TOP]

Ground - the Apple II/IIgs Software Archive at the University of Iowa
A virtual mountain of Apple II software with both http and ftp servers. [TOP]


Garberstreet Enterprises
The self-described "Sanford & Son" of the Apple II world, Garberstreet offers a refreshing combination of realistic prices and genuinely helpful one-on-one support. [TOP]

Information & General Resources

Probably the most complete collection of Apple II links currently available.
http://www.wbwip.com/a2web/ [TOP]