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[SOFTWARE] This section contains a variety of sound software for the Apple II which allows you do do some pretty cool things without the need for expensive additional hardware. 
You'll need ShrinkIt, which is available elsewhere, to unpack these archives. Since tutorials on downloading and processing Apple II files are beyond the scope of this site, let me just remind you that Google is your friend. 
For those who'd rather just get to the files without all the yammering, you can access them here. An assortment of disk image files (for emulators) can be found here.

Apple Organ

Apple Organ is a no-frills oldie that turns the Apple II's built-in keyboard into a basic square-wave organ.[TOP]


Audex is a sound file editor which has provisions for graphically creating audio files as well as digitizing sounds input through the cassette port.[TOP]
[download] AUDEX.SDK

Bank Street Music Writer

Bank Street Music Writer allows you to write, edit and play back music using the Mockingboard sound card.[TOP]
[download] BANKSTREET1.DSK
[download] BANKSTREET2.DSK

Electric Duet

Electric Duet, as the name suggests, simulates two-voice sound and manages to do it quite convincingly. The program contains both a "jukebox" player for song files, as well as a dual keyboard "piano" program. Although the sound is not the most pleasant imaginable, it does offer a vast improvement over the less sophisticated Apple Organ.[TOP]
[download] DUET.SDK

II Sound

II Sound allows playback of 11, 22 and 44 Khz samples assigned to the number keys. Fairly limited on a stock Apple II, but capable of utilizing several types of memory expansion to play more/bigger samples. [TOP]
[download] IISOUNDV4.2.SHK


MusiComp can be used to compose and play simple melodies on the Apple II. Geared more towards music education and idle tinkering, MusiComp is still worth checking out, if only from a historical perspective.[TOP]
[download] MUSICOMP.SDK

Music Construction Set

Taking off where MusiComp left off, Music Construction Set, with it's joystick-driven GUI and Mockingboard support was really not far away from becoming a "serious" music application. Although the joystick interface is somewhat uncomfortable, it did presage the ubiquity of "point-and-click" digital music editing in the years to come.[TOP]
[download] MCS.SDK


Despite its rather promosing title, Omnivox is a simple organ-like program that makes notes out of rapidly repeated blips. 3 banks of 8 "patches" yield a variety of sounds, none of which are terribly pleasant to hear.[TOP]
[download] OMNIVOX.SDK


RT.SYNTH is a remarkable piece of software which turns the Apple IIe into a real-time wave-table synthesizer. Using a unique method of reading the Apple II keyboard, RT.SYNTH plays much more naturally than other "keyboard piano" style programs and has the added benefit of an impressive array of voices, each with an 8 octave range.
RT.SYNTH also features real-time recording and playback with the ability to save and load songs from disk, as well as a "VoicePak" editor for user customization.
[download] RT.SYNTH.SDK

S.A.M. (Software Automated Mouth)

This remarkable follow-up to the S.A.M. speech synthesizer card by DON'T ASK Computer Software essentially duplicates the card's capabilities in software. Aside from reciting plain text documents, S.A.M. also makes use of a sophisticated system of phonemes. Controls for pitch and speed allow for a variety of voices and even open up the tantalizing prospect of a singing Apple II!
Unfortunately the documentation accompanying this download is intended for the hardware version which uses different addresses, so any would-be programmers will have to do a little reverse-engineering. [TOP]
[download] S.A.M.SOFT.SDK


SoftDAC by Scott Alfter is a 4-bit digital audio player capable of playing back 8-bit .wav files. Although quite screechy and not as versatile as DAC522, it is still quite fun to play around with. SoftDAC can also take advantage of RAMWORKS style memory expansion to play longer sound files.[TOP]
[download] SOFTDAC20B2.SHK

Sound Editor

Perhaps not surprisingly, Michael Mahon's Sound Editor is a Sound Editor for the Apple II. Powered by the DAC522 audio engine, Sound Editor is capable of performing a number of audio editing tasks including resampling; reversing, volume adjustment as well as cut, paste and crop. Sound Editor also has a compressed mode handy for those poor souls limited to 5.25" diskettes. Version 2.2x is an unofficial hack which provides upper-case menus for the ][+.[TOP]
[download] SNDED22.SDK
[download] SNDED22X.SDK

Sound Ramp

Sound Ramp is an audio file processor which greatly reduces the "popping" inherent in DAC522 playback. Sound Ramp has no "undo" feature, so it's best to use it on copies rather than originals.[TOP]
[download] RAMP.SDK


An AppleSoft program that uses the Apple II Joystick or Game Paddle to play low-budget synth leads.[TOP]


TimeLord is a simple rhythm sequencer which uses polyphonic samples to emulate a five-piece drum kit. TimeLord can also be used to sequence bass-lines, though it's fixed note resolution limits it's usefulness in this area. Although the user interface is somewhat crude (even by Apple II standards), TimeLord can be used to create simple beats or complex song arrangements.[TOP]
[download] TIMELORD.02.SHK

Additional Sample Banks:

[download] DRUM.1.SHK [download] BASS.1.SHK [download] BASS.3.SHK
[download] DRUM.2.SHK [download] BASS.2.SHK [download] BASS.4.SHK

TimeLord 2.1
A slighly improved version... TimeLord 2.1 features improved "intuitive" pattern editors with playback capability as well as synchronized starting for NadaNet networked machines.

Drum [download] TIMELORD2D.SDK [download] TIMELORD2D.PO
Bass [download] TIMELORD2B.SDK [download] TIMELORD2B.PO